Request An Offer On Accounting and Financial Management Services

You can request an offer on accounting and financial management services provided by Tilityy using the following online form. Tilityy uses the given information as a basis for making an offer and cooperation negotiations.

An overview of the services required is created based on the provided information. We also ensure that an expert from the required industry or financial management specialty area is available so that Tilityy is able to provide you the best possible service. If you would like more information or assistance in compiling the information requested, please contact Tilityy's sales and customer service.

Recommendations for completing the offer request

  • Fill in the contact person details so that Tilityy can request for additional information if needed

  • Provide only the information requested on the form for the services you wish to be included in the offer

  • If you are unsure about any of the information requested, please contact us for more information

The information provided in the offer request form are treated as confidential in Accounting and Financial Management Service Tilityy and will not be pass them on. The information provided will be deleted after the offer request has been processed.

Contact for additional information concerning the offer request

Information about the operator receiving the offer

Accounting and financial statement

Kindly fill in below information to the sections you wish to be noticed in Tilityy's offer on financial management services. In case you are interested in the Additional Financial Management services, kindly provide information related to them.

Estimate the number of accounting receipts and documents within your reporting period (accounting period).

Important tips

  • Tilityy's offer is based on the quantities of receipts and documents and therefore it is important that the numbers estimated are as accurate as possible

  • Some of the requested documents are not used/cannot be provided by some of the operators and these fields may be left empty

  • If you are unsure about any of the information requested, please contact us and ask for more information

Report the number of the following receipts and documents within your reporting period (accounting period)

Additional accounting services

Payroll services

Below are two alternative ways to report the needed payroll information within a reporting period (accounting period).

Fill in requested information to

  • option 1, when

    salary payment is regular (salaries are paid regularly every reporting period and there is no significant variation in employees during the reporting period).

  • option 2, when

    salaries are paid irregularly and/or employees vary from reporting period to reporting period.

Option 1


Option 2

Purchase and sales invoice management (ledgers)

Select the services for purchase invoices (purchase ledger) and/or sales invoices (sales ledger) below that you want to be included in the offer. Tilityy's sales and customer service is happy to tell you more about the payment management service available.

The following sales invoice operations are outsourced to the accounting company

The following operations related to purchase invoices are outsourced to the accounting company

Additional accounting and financial management services

Please notice also consider the following below selected services in the offer request.

It is possible that you select only some of the following Tilityy's services. In that case, fill in only your contact details and basic information of the operator who is the subject of the offer request. In addition, make selections for the desired services below.

If chosen service is related to accounting materials, kindly also add the amounts of accounting materials requested above in the "Accounting and financial management" section.

I am also requesting an offer for the following Tilityy's account services

- Tilityy's postal address service is targeted to operators that do not have a physical address to which incoming mail can be received. Incoming mail of the operator using the postal address service is sent to the customer postal address provided by Tilityy, from where it is separately collected by the customer or sent to the customer digitally.

Additional information and requests concerning the offer

To send the offer request form, first select “I'm not a robot” and press “Send” after the requested image selection.

Accounting And Financial Management Service Tilityy responds to all offer requests. It takes normally 1-3 business days to process the requested offer. If there is a hurry to get the offer or the response to the request on the offer is delayed, please contact the Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service by phone.