Accounting And Financial Management Service Tilityy receives a lot of inquiries concerning internships and on-the-job learning places. Below you find more information about internship opportunities as well as answers to the most common questions.

Tilityy's values include social responsibility, and Tilityy has annually provided on-the-job learning opportunities for students of different study levels. Each intern is assigned Tilityy's personal working life instructor.

The tasks of the internship can be related to any of the services offered to customers by Tilityy. During the internship, the student performs real work and handles the genuine customer materials. The work done by the student therefore requires great precision and accuracy. Tilityy offers on-the-job learning places to students who are actually interested in to have a career in accounting or financial management. No previous work experience is required, but an interest in the financial management is an absolute requirement.


Are interns paid?

On-the-job training can be paid or unpaid depending on the student. Here in Tilityy we think that the learning, know-how and the professional's personal guidance that the intern receives are sufficient compensation for the student. However, in situations where the student has verifiable prior financial management skills or demonstrates a significant ability to work independently during the internship, compensation may be agreed for the internship.


Is there a job available at the end of the internship?

Employment opportunities in Tilityy are completely dependent on the student's motivation and development. At Tilityy, persons with the right attitude and that show interest in the industry are hold on and wanted to join the Tilityy Team.


What kind of assignments does Tilityy offer to financial management interns

Work assignments during the internship are agreed with the student and the educational institution so that they support the student's on-the-job learning needs. In addition to basic financial management tasks, the internship may include one or more advanced task areas. Here are examples of the most popular internship/on-the-job training tasks chosen by students:

  • accounting
  • financial statements
  • payroll
  • purchase and sales ledger
  • office services
  • invoicing
  • budgeting and profitability calculation
  • customer due diligence tasks required by law
  • marketing, communications and new customer acquisition

We in Tilityy think that a person who has basic knowledge of accounting, for example through school, should be able to perform at least the basic accounting work independently after the internship. The same basic idea applies to other areas of financial management expertise.


What qualities does Tilityy expect from interns?

The saying, “No one is a blacksmith at birth” fits perfectly into Tilityy's way of thinking about learning at work. We know that it is much easier to train a professional to be a good employee than a professional to be a good person. Upon entering the internship, the student must have basic knowledge and understanding of the areas of financial management that are the subject of the internship through the school. Practical knowledge is considered an advantage, but it is not expected.


Here are some criteria to keep in mind when considering whether I am a suitable intern for Tilityy

  • good oral and written skills in the Finnish language
  • other language skills are considered an advantage on the basis of their usability
  • genuine enthusiasm and interest in working in financial management
  • open and outward-looking personality
  • accuracy and ability to focus
  • a desire to learn something new and question previously learned
  • reliability and punctuality
  • short internships are not completely ruled out, but based on long experience, it is known in Tilityy that if a student has no previous background or knowledge in the field and is interested in learning to become a professional, the duration of the internship should be at least four to six months.


Working hours in Tilityy

The working hours of the interns are agreed flexibly the personal working life instructor's working shifts taken in notice. Working hours also depends, for example, on the number of daily working hours the student.


When contacting Tilityy to inquire about the possibility of an internship

  • contact us by calling (tel. +358403781415/mr. Ilkka Veiström) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • be prepared to share basic information about yourself and also tell about your
    • internship goals and task expectations
    • desired time and duration of internship (hours/days)
    • whether the internship period includes holiday periods, days at school, etc.
    • what you plan to do in your life after your studies
    • possible interest to work in Tilityy part-time or full-time after the internship ends


Feel free to contact us for additional information about an internship in Tilityy. Contact information can be found above.