When Tilityy is responsible for the customer's salary calculation and Income Register notification without additional payroll services, the customer is obliged to provide Tilityy the necessary up-to-date materials at least five(5) working days before the payslips need to be provided.



If customer delivers payroll materials incomplete or delayed, Tilityy is not responsible for the delay in the salary calculation or its consequences.



Requested materials and other terms related to the salary calculation services

  • Customer must maintain rosters required by law and a register of actual working hours/days per employee. Tilityy is only responsible for salary calculation.
  • Customer must notify of any changes in employment (new employees, layoffs, etc.)
  • Customer must provide Tilityy new and changed employment contracts, changes in salaries, employees' addresses, social security numbers, bank contact information and any
  • other information necessary for payslips or salary calculation.
  • Customer must alwnumber of working days per employeeays provide the following information as a basis for salary calculation:
    • number of working days per employee
    • details about the salary to be paid (breakdown of the salary and salary increment)
    • basic salary (per hour/month/etc.)
    • amounts and basis of payment for evening, Saturday and other allowances
    • number of sick days and working hours
    • if also annual leave or bonus holiday pay in paid, inform their amounts and grounds
  • any other materials requested by Tilityy needed for salary calculation
  • Customer is in charge of pension insurer/authority notifications (excluding Income Register).


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