There are situations in the economy of all kinds of associations, companies and organizations where external expert help and perspective is needed. There may be a need for an external perspective related to finances, human resources management, the future, marketing, communications, production or, for example, customer relationship management.

Tilityy's experts have decades of experience in a wide range of business and management situations and needs. So let us help. Contact us and tell us how we can assist you.


Pricing of the management expert services

  • can be included directly in the service package for those who purchase Tilityy's accounting and financial statement services
  • if the customer acquires only Tilityy's management expert services, the hourly fee for the service is 65,00 euro (incl. VAT 0 %)


Tilityy reserves the right to change the price of services.


To order Tilityy's management expert services, contact Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service.