Starting a new business has never been easier. At the same time, reaching success has become increasingly challenging. As with everything, definitely in business well designed is half done. Successful operations and the future are based on systematical planning from the very beginning.

What would be the company form? What kind of articles of association? Shareholder agreement? When and what? A starting grant? Required registrations? Be an employee your own company? The startup period of a new entrepreneur and company is in a very important role considering the future operations.

Tilityy offers advisory and consulting services to business planners and startups that help them get started more easily and profitably. Startup mentoring services are also available.


Pricing for advisory services for a new entrepreneur and business

  • ask about separate package-priced new entrepreneur mentoring packages
  • hourly fee for consulting services is 52,42 euro (incl. VAT 0 %) / hour


Tilityy reserves the right to change the price of services.


To order Tilityy's services for new businesses, contact Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service.