Outsource your payroll to Accounting And Financial Management Service Tilityy. We also handle the mandatory Income Register reporting and, if desired, gidital payslips directly to employees. Tilityy takes care of the calculating of holiday pay and on the amount of leave accrued by employees during the holiday credit year. Tilityy's payroll customers are served with basic advice on employment relationships and responsibilities and obligations.


Payroll service pricing

  • payroll services can be included directly in the service package for those who acquire accounting and financial statement services
  • customer with only payroll service can choose an hourly charge of 52,42 euro (incl. VAT 0 %) or a one-time charge of 10,08 euro (incl. VAT 0 %) / calculated salary or 17,48 euro (incl. VAT 0 %) / calculated special salary


Prices include a basic report of the paid salaries and wages to the Incomes Register and, at the customer's request, the delivery of salary calculations to employees reliably and securely through the suomi.fi service. Special salaries include holiday pay, wage subject to garnishment, final salary and similar payroll calculations with a larger workload.


Tilityy reserves the right to change the price of services.


To subscribe Tilityy's Postal Address Service, contact the Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service.