Whether it is an association, company or other operator, a physical postal address is still an obligation and public information, for example in the register of associations and company register (Trade Register). However many operators do not have business premises to which their mail can be directed. Still for example, mail sent by customers and authorities may want to be directed to more official address than someones home address.


Tilityy's Postal Address Service is suitable for operators who do not have a physical address to which incoming mail can be directed. The incoming mail of the operator using Tilityy's Postal Address Service is directed to a customer address provided by Tilityy, from where it is separately collected by the customer or sent to the customer digitally. Collection is possible during office opening hours or otherwise as agreed.


Price of the Postal Address Service

  • price when the customer collects the mail is 24,19 euro (incl. VAT 0 %) / subscription period
  • Price when Tilityy scans the incoming mail and delivers it digitally to the customer is 44,35 euro (incl. VAT 0 %) / subscription period


The subscription period for the Postal Address Service is two(2) months. Subscription periods are paid in advance. Any unused subscription period paid will not be refunded. Tility is not responsible for handling mail received after the end of the subscription period, but unless otherwise agreed with the customer, mail received after the subscription period will be returned to the post company's collection point. Tilityy reserves the right to change prices when the subscription periods change.


To subscribe Tilityy's Postal Address Service, contact Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service.