Reliable Accounting And Financial Management Services Since 2000

Tilityy is an innovative accounting and financial management service that has been operating since year 2000 and consisting of experienced professionals. Tilityy offers professional accounting and financial administration services reliably and with competitive prices and serves all kinds of customers throughout Finland and operators that operate Finland as a market area.

Tilityy's offices are located in Helsinki and Tampere.

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The Distinctive Features Of Tilityy's Services

Genuine customer orientation and personal service: Each client of Tilityy is assigned a designated financial management expert who also acts as customers dedicated accountant
It's always easy to reach us: At Tilityy, our customers are served with a wide range of communication services in addition to the traditional e-mail and phone. Calls are answered within customer service hours, and emails are also answered promptly, ideally right away
Moderate financial statement and tax return costs: In the way we do accouting in Tilityy, the preparation of the next financial statement and tax return is done throughout the fiscal year as part of basic bookkeeping. As a result, Tilityy can offer clients financial statement work at very reasonable costs
You do not pay for licenses: As a Tilityy client, you don't pay for external software licenses, only for the service itself
Customers don't do Tilityy's work: Your tasks as a client do not include entering receipts into apps, categorizing them, or other preparatory accounting procedures. Your time is valuable, and Tilityy's service includes handling receipts right from the beginning so that you can focus on what matters
Emergency service: Sometimes, urgent situations arise in finances and operations that cannot wait until the next business day. Tilityy clients have access to emergency services and the opportunity to receive comprehensive assistance even outside regular customer service hours
Selectable level of service: You can choose how much or how little service you wish to be included in to the services you receive. You therefore only pay for the services you need and the level of service you feel is necessary
Dynamic pricing and, basically, always what you need: You can choose an hourly service or a fixed-price service package that includes everything you choose. At Tilityy, we have the desire and know-how to fulfill not only basic service, but also wishes regarding more special needs with expertice
The right to New Customer Acquisition Bonus Program discounts and benefits: Those who participate in the bonus program receive, among other things, significant discounts on the fees for accounting and financial management services